I like captain america and the x-men. Bet you couldn't tell.
I also like Disneyland, Spielberg, Sherlock, Doctor Who.. But here you'll mostly see Marvel, Disney, and a bunch of actors I currently adore
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Oliver Kurtz

photo by Corey Wilson


what kind of an attempt was that even

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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

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A very Happy Birthday to Lakey Peterson!

Photo | wjameskessel


i wish i had an excuse for this

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Matt Travis frothing out at Sennen Cove

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Steve and his backseat everything.

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The Caretaker

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Ok, this one is funny.

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Yes, lets go fight magneto. in my metal wheelchair, via my metal airship, with my metal wolverine to protect me. i see no way this could ever go wrong.

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